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Lake to Lake Construction & Design is an exceptional builder of Muskoka Cottages and Boathouses in the area.

The projects you will find on this site are just scratching the surface of the quality projects we have completed, start to finish.

We take pride in our work, the craftsmen working on our projects are highly skilled to ensure the greatest result

If you are looking to upgrade your existing site, or you are looking to create your dream home on a vacant lot, call us to make dreams come true.

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Heath Billington - Architectural Technician

Heath Billington - Architectural Technician

Raised in Muskoka, Heath gravitated naturally into cottage construction.

A lifetime of experience

Heath worked on the group of famous lakes, being mentored by his father from the age of 16.

Publication Grade Results

Lake to Lake Construction projects have been featured in many industry leading cottage magazines and Muskoka Catalogues, for everything from early 1900's barn resurrections to boathouses and high-end cottages.   

Established in 1996

After designing for Viceroy Head Office he ventured out on his own and making his life-long goal a reality. “Lake to Lake Construction” since 1996.   

Academic Credentials

Heath later dove into the industry, graduating his Architectural Tech Degree with honours.

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